Face of Malmö - Kids T-Shirt

Face of Malmö - Kids T-Shirt


The face of Malmö is a combination of two ideas; every city has a personality and that personality is the sum of all the things that make that city unique and special. The design for this collection takes the letterforms of "Malmö" and creates a face that is uniquely ours. Circling the face, we have some of our favourite people, places and things from Malmö. From Zlatan to falafel, the bridge to Rosengård, everything that makes this city the spot to be is here.


Garment details:

100% organic cotton, fair trade & GOTS certified



This design was created by Emilio José Bernard


Care instructions:

Machine wash 30-40°C degrees. We recommend to hang dry to prevent shrinkage and extend the life of your garment.

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