Monkey Face Hot Sauce - 1 Heat

Monkey Face Hot Sauce - 1 Heat


Los Perros Urban Farming - Monkey Face Hot Sauce - 1 heat

Grown and made here in Malmö. Los Perros Urban Farming hot sauce is a perfect embodiment of our city. Owned by an Aussie and a Swede, they grow using organic principles and follow permaculture guidelines, meaning everything they harvest is good for us and good for the earth. Now with their hot sauces, you get a chance to taste Malmö - as almost all ingredients are grown here. Made with the citrus and flavorful chili, the Monkey Face, this sauce is all about fresh flavor and a mild burn.



Carrot*, tomato, apple cider vinegar, Monkey Face chili*, paprika, onion*, raw sugar, ginger, garlic*, salt (*grown at Los Perros Urban Farming)




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