Malmøcity Reversible Scarf

Malmøcity Reversible Scarf

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Guest Collection #001

This design is a nod to the “impossible figures” of Oscar Reutersvärd and a wink to Malmö’s ubiquitous Turning Torso. The Malmøcity Reversible Scarf is an accessory with bold designs in subtle places. Featuring "Malmøcity" in pink text on the front and "Skåneland" in maroon on the back, this scarf lets you decide if you want to be bold or classic with a simple flip. An unconventional yet charming colour scheme gives this scarf a unique look that works in all seasons.


Garment details:

100% wool



This design was created by Patch Hofweber



This product is limited to 30 prints.


Care instructions:

We recommend dry cleaning your scarf

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