Wink - T-Shirt

Wink - T-Shirt


Guest Collection #005

Inspired by the iconic Olle Eksell "ögon cacao" design, our spring collection comes from Aycan Elijah Yilmaz. A fellow designer, his nod (or wink if you will) to the legendary Swedish graphic designer is an instantly recognizable design with a playful twist. Malmö is all about playful twists, as we're a city that doesn't take itself too seriously, so we loved Aycan's take on a classic design.


Garment details:

Classic t-shirt fit
100% organic cotton, fair trade & GOTS certified



This design was created by Aycan Elijah Yilmaz



This design is limited to 36 prints.


Care instructions:

Machine was 30-40 degrees. We recommend to hang dry to prevent shrinkage and extend the life of your garment.

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